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Debt Collections / 2006 May - 2012 Sep 13 (6+ Years) / java.Applets built with v1.7u10-b06 compiler.

Previous Version(s): (time is Perth, Australia)

Java v1.7u06 required (latest-ideal v1.7u10-b06 2012-09-13)

(v.602-01) 2012-09-13.R (23h50) move improvements.

(v.602-01) 2012-08-01.W (15h46) move improvements.

(v.601-01) 2012-07-27.F (23h44) move improvements.
(v.600-01) 2012-07-25.W (13h12) countless major improvements throughout.
(v.596-01.31) 2012-05-08.T (13h12) major improvements to user interface.
(v.595-01.31) 2012-05-07.M (06h28) important fix to 'sort by' on creditor and debtor selection.
(v.594-01.31) 2012-05-04.F (09h01) VERY IMPORTANT FIXES: paste note, etc.
(v.593-01.31) 2012-04-20 maintenance update-04.
(v.592-01.31) 2012-04-15.N (18h43) maintenance update-04.
(v.591-01.31) 2012-04-14.S (21h46) live-agin and more maintenance update-03.
(v.590-01.31) 2012-04-13.F (00h28) live-agin and more maintenance update-02.
(v.589-01.31) 2012-04-10.T (00h16) live-agin and major maintenance update.

latest testing branch

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