jDC: Java Debt Collection Software
jDC: Debt Collections $oftware
Debt Collections & Accounts Recovery / since 2004
Run the software: v1.0.603+ 2012 September 13
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jDC: 'Debt Collections $oftware' is the most elegant and sophisticated debt collection system available; yet surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. Primary records are claims, debtors, creditors, payments, and diarized notes, considerable other information is also recorded. The 'single versioned' (1) system operates both offline and online (with full integration to the Internet (2), operation within a web-browser, applet viewer, or application).

You can manage your own deployment, or we can offer the system as a 'managed service' (3) over the Internet (for service deployment, you may still additionally take your data offline).

The jDC system is suitable for a single paralegal up to a large collection agency. Please contact us for more information.

jDC: software uses the advanced rexJava.com :: rxLiquidGlassInterface().
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